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Reclaim Your Sleep, Naturally

Transform Your Sleep Routine with Our Premium CBD Gummies.

Promotes deeper, more restful sleep

Quick and effective relief

Perfect mix of CBD and Melatonin

Wake up refreshed & ready for the day

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Taste good and dissolves well

‘’I took a melatonin tab and analgesic. I’ve completely replaced them with one gummy nightly. I fall and stay asleep without waking up due to discomfort. No lingering side effects. I wake ready for the day.’’

‘’I took a melatonin tab and analgesic. I’ve
completely replaced them with one gummy nightly.
I fall and stay asleep without waking up due to
discomfort. No lingering side effects. I wake ready
for the day.’’

Mary P.

Verified Customer

Sleep Better, Feel Better

Enhanced Sleep
& Natural Calm

CBD and melatonin work together to regulate sleep cycles, helping you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and feel more relaxed.

No More 
Nighttime Anxiety

No More
Nighttime Anxiety

CBD gummies help alleviate anxiety, allowing you to relax and sleep more soundly.

Wake Up
Feeling Refreshed

Our gummies ensure users wake up refreshed and energized,and completely avoid the morning grogginess that most sleep aids result in.

Convenient, Enjoyable
& Natural

Our THC-free gummies offer a delicious and convenient CBD solution for daily use, perfect for at home or on the go, without any psychoactive effects.

No Strains. No Stress.

Hemp Extracted CBD

Our CBD is derived from the hemp plant. This promises that you get the best health results with zero THC content. We produce our CBD by using an ethanol extraction method and mix it with natural coconut oil.


Melatonin regulates your sleep cycle, which is affected by everything from everyday stress to excessive screen time before bed. When used together, the calming effects of CBD can potentially enhance the ability of melatonin to help you not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.

Get The Best
Sleep Of Your Life


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Dairy Free

No artificial sweeteners

Snooze Hacks - Exposed

Recover From Jet-Leg

CBD night gummies may help improve sleep during travels and reduce feelings of jet lag.

Racing Thoughts Before Bedtime

Nighttime gummies can help reduce stress and anxiety, helping you fall asleep with ease.


When the snoring is so vicious that it sounds like sneezing, our melatonin gummies may help.






No artificial sweeteners

5-Star Relief

I love it so much!

‘’I got these for my mother and she said they have been helping her sleep so well. She doesn’t wake up groggy which was a huge concern of hers. I’ve been trying to get her to try CBD for so long; So happy she finally decided to give these a try. I have been taking the oil for a while now and I love it so much.’’

Kristin T.

Verified Buyer

They taste great!!

‘’I have found the product to be one of the best gummies I’ve tried for sleep! It relaxes me and prepares me for sleep! And they taste great!!’’

George W.

Verified Buyer

Great product

‘’These Melatonin gummies work fantastic. I usually take them about 30 minutes before bed. By the time I’m ready to go to sleep I’m zonked out. I don’t wake up feeling foggy or drowsy at all. I take both the 20mg and 10mg depending on fast I want to get to sleep that night. I would recommend these gummies to anyone looking for a good night’s rest. ’’

Michael B.

Verified Buyer

Out-Relieving the Rest

Premium-Quality and non-GMO Ingredients

Unique Blend of CBD and Melatonin

THC-Free Formulation

No Morning Grogginess



Sleep Better, Feel Better

How Do CBD & Melatonin Work Together?

Think of CBD as your personal wingman. It interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system to help keep everything in balance. This means it can help regulate your mood, appetite, pain perception, and even your sleep.

Melatonin, on the other hand, is like your personal sleep fairy. It helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle and tells your brain, "hey, it's time to catch some z's."

So, what happens when you combine these two powerhouses? Well, they both complement each other’s effects and create a more restful and relaxed sleep experience.

The truth is, it depends on the person and their individual needs. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycles. Because so many people suffer from poor sleep, many companies have figured out a way to create melatonin supplements, like melatonin sleep gummies.

On the other hand, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant that's been known to have a calming effect on the body and mind.

So which one is better for sleep?

Melatonin can be helpful for those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, especially if their sleep issues are related to their circadian rhythm. CBD, on the other hand, may be more beneficial for those who experience anxiety or other factors that contribute to their difficulty sleeping. That said, many people have issues with both their circadian rhythms and a racing mind.

For those reasons, it makes sense that people benefit from both CBD and melatonin for sleep.

When we consume CBD, it interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS helps regulate important bodily functions like appetite, mood, pain sensation, and sleep. According to recent studies, scientists have discovered that the reason some people develop unwanted symptoms, like lower pain tolerance, mood swings, digestive issues, and sleep problems is because of a possible Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED).

Research indicates that only certain medications have been successful in addressing the symptoms associated with CED. They’re called CB1 agonists, and as it turns out multiple studies have found CBD to be an effective CB1 agonist. In other words, based on this research, CBD may help address CED and improve sleep by interacting with the ECS to regulate and fine-tune the body's various systems.

By helping to balance the body's various systems, including sleep, some people have found that CBD promotes better rest and improves their overall sleep.

Generally speaking, sleep aid CBD gummies typically take 30-60 minutes to take effect. However, the timing of onset can vary due to many factors, including your body weight, metabolism, tolerance level, and the amount of CBD and melatonin in each gummy.

For some individuals, the effects may start to kick in after just 30 minutes. But others may need to wait up to an hour or longer. It's important to keep this in mind and be patient as you wait for your bedtime gummies to take effect.

So sit back, relax, and wait for your turn on the ride to dreamland.

If you find yourself staring up at the ceiling, as you eagerly wait to drift off to sleep, you’re not alone. Millions of people have trouble falling and staying asleep at night. Thankfully, there are a couple of ingredients that might help take your sleep routine to the next level: CBD and Melatonin.

According to research, melatonin supplements, like sleeping gummies infused with melatonin, can offer relief from the following:
Jet lag
Delayed sleep-wake phase disorder (DSWPD).
Certain sleep disorders in children.
Anxiety before and after surgery.

Other research suggests that melatonin may have antioxidant properties, which can help protect the body's cells from damage caused by free radicals. Research has shown that CBD can help increase levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, which helps promote relaxation and calmness.

This, in turn, can help you feel more relaxed and ready for sleep.

Plus, CBD can interact with receptors in the brain that regulate our circadian rhythm, which is our natural sleep-wake cycle.