For as long as I can recall, I've struggled with dark circles, puffiness, and all-around face fatigue in the morning. I always chalked it up to eating too much salt, crying too many tears, and that it just happens to run in my family

I gua sha-ed, massaged, applied eye cream after eye cream, and nothing worked— I even tried every TikTok skincare trend out there.

I thought that maybe the solution could be found in my nighttime ritual, which includes taking Highline Wellness Nighttime Gummies. I figured if they are such an integral part of my night routine, I wanted them to be part of my morning routine. They made it happen.”

Introducing the Highline Wellness x Alyssa Lynch under-eye balm and facial mist.

We collaborated with Alyssa to create two dreamy products designed to help you look and feel your best thanks to the power of hemp.

Under Eye Balm

Imagine a soft pillow enveloping the delicate skin of your under eyes, being absorbed into your skin with each gentle pat of your ring finger. You blink your eyes, and realize that your dark circles are lessened, your fine lines are less visible, and you look more awake.

That’s the experience of a good under-eye cream.

We formulated our hemp eye cream with the best all-natural ingredients to address your most common eye concerns — yes, including dark circles and crow’s feet — so you can feel your best. Moisturizing shea butter and hemp make this eye balm uber-hydrating, while lemon oil helps treat dark under-eye circles.

Facial Mist

One spritz, and you’re transported into the spa of your dreams — a place that smells refreshing yet relaxing, a place that feels stimulating yet peaceful. That fresh, just-got-a-facial feeling, with rejuvenated, moisturized skin.

We’ve bottled up that feeling in a hemp facial mist.

Radiant skin is achieved thanks to willow bark extract, and orange and rosemary oil give you a boost of hydration. Hemp-derived oil moisturizes and provides a source of antioxidants to keep skin healthy. You’re a few spritzes away from your best-looking skin!